26 January, 2016

Wellbeing is something that we can only give to ourselves. Good wellbeing helps us to be able to cope when things are tough, enjoy life, experience balance with the different aspects of our lives, helps us to be able to develop our strengths and it also helps us to be flexible to express a range of emotions. Our environment influences our wellbeing. The measures of wellbeing can be different for different age groups. Being well is something that you do rather than something that you are. The more you invest in your wellbeing the more you are likely to get out of your wellbeing.

Below are suggestions that might help to boost your wellbeing:

–Connecting with the people around you.

–Being active. Being active can help you think more clearly, it can add routine and structure to your day and it can improve your self esteem.

–Keep learning. Learning new skills can give us a sense of achievement and a new confidence.

–Give to others.

–Be mindful. Being mindful can change how you feel about life and how you approach challenges.

–Healthy eating. Healthy eating keeps our bodies and brains healthy.

–Reducing stress. If we think that we have the resources and skills to handle a situation then we are less stressed. Deep breathing, being active, being mindful, talking to others about our stress and writing in a journal can reduce our stress.

–Postive steps and making changes. A positive outlook.

–Healthy Sleep.