Optimizing Your Time

09 April, 2018

Knowing your optimal times of day, can in turn help you manage your time. These optimal times are when your concentration and physical energy are at their best. Some tasks, for example studying, need all your energy and it is not best to do these tasks, at a time of day that doesn’t work for you. Trying to do tasks at your least optimal time of day takes more concentration, energy and effort and things end up being done badly, or not at all. Doing things at your optimal time of day, takes less effort and energy because it is easier to concentrate. When you are planning what you need to do, it is very important to take your physical and mental energy into account.

Below are some tips for optimizing your time, that might interest you.

1. Optimize your time. Decide when you have the most physical and mental energy and decide if you are a morning, afternoon, or evening person.

2. Work out what is the optimal amount of time you can focus on different activities. Ask yourself if it works best for you to do tasks in short burst of time or long periods of time.

3. Figure out what activities you can only spend a short period of time on.

4. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted or interrupted during your most productive time.

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