Nature and Wellbeing

18 June, 2017

Our environment can reduce or increase our stress and this in turn affects our bodies. An unpleasant environment can cause you to feel helpless, anxious, sad or stressed. This in turn can raise your heart rate, blood pressure and muscle tension and suppress your immune system. Humans find nature to be pleasing. More than two thirds of people find a natural setting to retreat to when they’re stressed. What we see, hear and experience can change our mood and how our immune endocrine and nervous systems work.

Nature restores. After spending time in nature, a lot of people say that their mood improves from feeling depressed, anxious and stressed to balanced and calm. When people spend time in nature it helps their attention and it gives them a break from an overactive mind and refreshes them for new tasks.

Nature heals. Being in nature helps reduce fear, stress, anger and increases pleasant feelings. It also helps your physical wellbeing.

Nature soothes. Nature helps us cope with pain by distracting us from our discomfort and pain.