Mindfulness as a way of Life

21 September, 2018

Often, we spend a lot of our time thinking about what we need to do and what we have done. By being more mindful during the day, you can bring more focus to whatever you are doing and you can also feel calmer. Informal mindfulness can be used in any situation. Below are suggestions for informal ways to weave mindfulness into your day:

1. Mindful check-ins. You can link mindful check-ins to certain activities, for example, every time you sit down.

2. Listen and connect to others. When you are in the company of others make a conscious decision to listen and connect with them.

3. Drive mindfully. Drive mindfully and take in each moment. Use red lights as a reminder to notice your breathing.

4. Eat mindfully. Eat slightly slower than you usually do and tune in to the flavors and textures as you eat.

5. Walk mindfully. Walk mindfully by noticing the sensations or walking in your feet and throughout your body.

6. Read mindfully. Try and focus on the details of what you are reading.