Maureen Gaffney "How to be Happy"

05 August, 2014

I followed Maureen Gaffney’s series “How to be Happy” on RTE Television. It was interesting to learn that our genes influence our happiness but we can control 40% of our happiness. Maureen explored different things that could help us all to feel happier: smiling, our posture, mindfulness, positive thinking, spending time with and in nature, giving to others, being grateful for what we have and setting ourselves goals. These things are simple ideas. The hard thing is making an effort and incorporating them into our lives, but once you start it becomes easier and the benefits are great. I have started practicing some of Maureen’s suggestions and already I feel a lot happier. I’d highly recommend checking out Maureen’s podcast on the RTE Player: viewed on Tuesday 24th June, 2014 and viewed on Tuesday 17th June, 2014.