Conflict Management

10 November, 2015

Conflict management is when we identify and deal with disputes sensibly, fairly and in a balanced and effective way. Conflict management is when groups/individuals show some incompatibility between themselves and interact with each other in some way. Conflict management involves the reduction, elimination or termination of all types of conflict.

Conflict can happen in organizations (within the same organization or between two or more organizations) or between two or more individuals (the individuals can be part of the same group or they can be part of different groups).

Conflict can happen for a number of different reasons eg. a party has to take part in an activity that isn’t congruent with his/her needs or interests eg.a party’s behavioural preferences aren’t compatible with another party’s behavioural preferences.

Some of the below techniques/strategies might be useful in different conflict management situations.

-Effective communication.

-Collaborating-the object of collaboration is to find a solution that is acceptable to everyone.

-Problem solving abilities.

-Good negotiation skills.