Breaking the Automatic Pilot

27 July, 2015

Sometimes we do things without deliberate effort or self awareness and this is automatic pilot eg. being in your thoughts and not being aware of this. Mindfulness is any new thing that can help you to pay attention to things. Below I have listed some things that could help you start break automatic pilot habits in your life by paying attention to things.

  1. Being open to all your senses and concentrating on what you’re doing when you are doing everyday things eg. when you’re getting into your car or a bus or a train, when you’re in the shower, when you are out walking, when you doing housework, when you’re eating, when you’re brushing you teeth and when you’re making your bed in the morning.

  2. Sometimes we watch TV in a non mindful way. If we plan what we would like to watch on the TV on particular days and turn off the TV at other times and do other things like catch up with gardening etc. this can break the habit of watching TV in a non mindful way and bring more awareness and choice into watching the TV.

  3. Sometimes we sit on the same chair at home, at work etc. and sometimes this can cause us to stop noticing things that are around us. If you decide to sit in a different chair at home etc. it might help you stop the automatic pilot from thriving.