Living a Meaningful Life

07 June, 2019

Many of us live busy lives and we can lose sight of where we are going. When we are busy it can be good to stop and check that we are on the right path and reconnect with our preferred direction in life. This chosen direction can be based on our values, what is important to us and what we care about. Having a clear sense of meaning, direction and purpose in life can improve our well-being.

Connecting with our values can help direct us towards a life that is full of vitality. Our values can help reorient us to a direction in life that matters to us and one that is chosen by us. Connecting with how we would like to be is important. Values are what we stand for in any situation and this sometimes is not easy to do. Mindfulness can help us notice when we feel most alive and highlights what we value. Mindfulness can help us act in line with what matters to us.